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Welcome to my Blog
Lessons on the Journey
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I often think of things I want to say, or release from within during my day.  I have never been one to journal, even though the benefits of that are proven, but I am going to take a first step in writing things down by putting them here. Topics will be all over the place covering energy healing, spirituality, mental health, self-improvement, and so on.  Hopefully there will be value in these posts.  I know that sometimes when I speak things, they are lessons that I also need to hear.

My intent is purely to share.  I am not interested in making anybody believe anything.  I am not interested in changing your point of view.  I don't care if you dismiss my experiences or the lessons I have learned.  For some, it may resonate with you; cool!  For others, it may not; also cool.  I believe in multiple truths, multiple realities.  We can all experience the same event, or read the same information, and will understand it differently from one another.  At the very least I hope my offerings are a good read.

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