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My Offerings
Energy Work
Distance Reiki - $75
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Distance Reiki is a very effective way of sending healing energy to another soul.  It is equally, if not sometimes more powerful than an in-person session. 

Most of my work in recent years has been at a distance.

Having a distance Reiki session does not require you to do anything specific, or change your day.  I have given Reiki to people in the middle of a stressful business meeting so that they could remain calm, focused and present.   But I think the best way to enjoy Reiki being sent to you from afar is to create a little self care ritual around the appointment.  In preparation you could have a relaxing bath, then light some candles, maybe burn some incense or have some essential oils on hand and turn on some soft meditation music.  Using headphones, especially the noise-canceling ones is a good way to close out the distractions.  I contact you shortly before your appointment time usually by text or phone, and we have a brief discussion. The close your eyes, perhaps even with a meditation blindfold, and then we begin.  When the session is done (from 45 to 75 minutes) I contact you once again for a discussion on what your experience was and I share my own experience with you.  

Then end of the session is only the beginning of the healing as the energy continues to flow. You are welcome to contact me with any questions in the following days or to share things that have surfaced as a result of the session.

To book a session with me, reach out via email, text, or phone

832-413-2063 and make payment to

Energy & Chakra Cleanse & Balancing - $35
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The cleanse and balancing is an add-on to a Reiki session, extending the experience by 20 to 30 minutes.  Everyone's energy centers and auric energy field can become out of balance by life events, big or small.  With the use of crystals, sound and affirmation spoken directly to your higher consciousness I bring your chakras into balance and your auric field back into stable equilibrium.

Some people notice a palpable difference, while it is happening and afterwards.

To book a session with me, reach out via email, text or phone

832-413-2063 and make payment to

More coming soon!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss booking something please send me an email: