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The Day I Met Lana C.

Several months ago, during my evening meditation, I was gifting a Reiki session to Lana C., a beautiful 12-year-old girl from Castro Valley, CA, who had been killed by a truck on a crosswalk 7 months earlier. I knew nothing about this girl until a week ago. With permission from her father, Dr. Les C., whom I had just met on the Insight Timer app, I called upon the Reiki energy to send to Lana. I never know if I will be able to connect with a soul that has passed beforehand; it is only when I see (my eyes are closed) brilliant colors do I know if I have made a connection. Well, without a doubt I connected, surely this soul knew of the conversation I just had with her father where I learned about her beautiful life and her tragic death. It was as though she was waiting for me. I started to see a cloud of color swirling around. This is how I experience the energy of others in a Reiki session, whether at a distance or in person. Each person’s energy looks and behaves differently; it’s like an energetic fingerprint of sorts.

Art by @instaphazed on Instagram

In the past I have connected with people before they died, and then again after – their energy looks the same. The clouds of color with Lana became bright and vivid but very quickly turned into well-defined geometric shapes in many colors, all moving around and changing shape, hue and intensity, like a creation of art in my awareness. This lasted for several minutes before the shapes began to recede and fade into the darkness revealing the shape of a heart. Not a flat, drawn heart, more anatomical, almost like you would see the Sacred Heart of Christ on a statue, but without the flame. It was dark in color with very dark red undertones. As it moved toward me the most beautiful indigo blue light came out of it and descended upon my crown chakra at the top of my head. I felt guided to open my hands in a receiving gesture, and as soon as I did, this light poured into the palms of my hands. I felt a buzzing or high frequency vibration in my palms and on the top of my head. I know this sounds like someone having an acid flashback, but I can assure you I have never had acid or other psychadelic drugs ever. It was beautiful to experience, I felt very moved emotionally and it brought some tears to my eyes. Tears of joy, because of this beautiful soul-energy I was in communion with, but also some tears of sadness from the news articles I read about Lana’s accident just prior to starting my meditation.

When the heart and the blue indigo light faded from my awareness all I saw was a cloud of purple, like a very dark amethyst. It filled my experience fully. The amethyst cloud began opening up in the middle. What was being revealed to me was in very crisp detail. It was like I was shown chambers of a beautiful place, and the walls and floors were made of golden light. Everything was glowing. There were inscriptions on the walls that moved as I looked at them but they were not readable; more like hieroglyphics. Room after room I was shown for several minutes, then all began to fade and I was sitting once again very aware of being in my own room in the darkness.

My intuition tells me that all of this was a message. It was all about the abundant and unconditional love that is the fabric of our universe. It was about the importance of creativity, in creating art, and creating our best lives while here. It was a message of hope and a reminder that when we all return home, we return to a place of golden beauty and overwhelming love. I felt joy, happiness, and love in a pureness that is difficult to explain. The blue indigo light was a gift, an attunement of sorts. The experience was very similar to when I received all my Reiki attunements. Perhaps this was only a symbolic attunement from the angel, Lana, but in the times I have given Reiki since, the response has been “Wow, dude! You’ve upped your game!” I believe she was showing me all these things for my benefit, and for the benefit of her father, Les.

I told Les that the experience was very profound and that I could go on and on about how beautiful it was, and how it has transformed me on my spiritual path. Because of this experience I am not the same person I was before I reached out to her soul. There has been a fundamental shift deep within me. I am witnessing that the fabric of the universe is indeed, love, and that when we can reach within and touch that fabric we are transformed. Love is the vital energy of the universe, the currency of all that is. This energy in our souls does not end when our physical life ends, it is just a transition to another “form”. It is now so much clearer to me that we are all connected. The idea of separation between you and I is just that, an idea, nothing more. We are not “in” the universe, we are “part” of the universe, or “of” the universe. In essence, we “are” the universe. Quantum theory and notion of Quantum entanglement are proving this, but now I just know this in my heart and soul. (If you want to learn more about how science – the quantum field – supports this, follow @nassim.haramein and @resonancescience on IG, or go to to learn more.) I accept that my story will sound crazy to most, but I know I was supposed to share it. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, purely sharing my experience for what it was to me.

In recounting my experience with her father, Les, he did not disbelieve a thing. He had shared that Lana has reached out to him several times since her passing, and that he has had some “paranormal” experiences, and he knows without a doubt that it is Lana. He wrote, “…I have no question she is a messenger and a miracle worker. I believe all (that) you related. She has transformed my life and so many others.” Les went on to explain that he had a sense of impending safety issues, or that Lana would be somehow hurt on some level about 2-3 weeks before the accident. This sense of precognition wasn’t new to him. “I just couldn’t feel where or how she might be hurt. I thought it was going to happen when she left for a week for Outdoor School on the Coast.” Regarding the details of my “visions” Les went on to say, “What you mentioned about your experience coincides with some of her writings. For example, she drew geometric shapes, and then on one of her notes said ‘we are all just shapes’. On another note she drew a picture of the Cross and pointed to the center of it and said ‘This is where the heart lives’ [She wrote] many other words that she put down about her faith in Jesus and that she absolutely knows that he loves us and she loves him. She also wrote that maybe this is not a coincidence, maybe she is writing this for a reason. The Bible describes rooms and walls such as you described that you felt and perceived and sensed. I believe Lana’s greatest legacy is yet to unfold.”

Les C.s’ love for his daughter is clearly immense, and they shared a very deep and profound connection, one that lives on long after Lana’s passing. “Lana was very deep, introspective, happy, outgoing, loving, thoughtful, expressive, artistic -among so many other abilities- an old soul. I was always present, conscious and aware of the beauty and profound sense of being that this little child expressed. We were beyond close. We sensed each other. I’m like that with her older sister Jadyn as well. That being said, Lana was a mystery to me in that I sensed something super deep and profoundly special about her. And I am just beyond proud, beyond the deepest sadness, beyond the deepest sense of peace and of knowing; knowing that in some way, all will be revealed.” Jadyn was with Lana on the crosswalk together but was unharmed physically. I have sent Reiki energy to Jadyn as well to help facilitate the healing that is necessary from witnessing such a tragedy and losing her younger sibling.

I am grateful to Les, and I am grateful to Lana for this experience. I was drawn to Les near the time of Lana’s passing, befriending him on the Insight Timer app. We never spoke, just exchanged the default “Thanks for meditating” messages. But every time I saw his picture come up I felt something pulling at me. I felt like I needed to reach out and say something, but what? I ignored it for months. Finally, the message was so strong I wrote a personal message wishing him well, hoping he’s doing fine with COVID and forest fires in California. In his response he shared his struggles with the above adding that he lost his daughter. “Ahhhh,” I thought to myself, “This is why I have been called.” Les also shared that he felt something, almost like energy when he would see my picture show up. It happens to me a lot. People cross my path either virtually or in person and there is always a lesson, a gift or some wisdom exchanged. I am thinking that none of this is random. I think Lana was reaching out to me to connect with her father so that I could have the experience I described, so that I could have that lesson, so that… You get the idea. It was necessary and I believe pre-planned for my journey in this body, in this life I am living at exactly this time; the present moment.

Spirituality, mindfulness, energy healing and meditation dominate my life now. I expect that to continue. I also expect to “randomly meet” people pre-selected to cross my path, either for their benefit, or for mine, or both. This experience changed my life. I was shown a bit of what’s on the other side and it has given me a sense of power, confidence and peace in the present moment. Even though these experiences I have seem rather esoteric and secular, they continue to bring me closer to God, and for me God is synonymous with the Creator/Divine/Universe/Source etc.

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